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song alert!

Lucky me! I was asked to sing on Chris Connelly’s upcoming single “Mistreated and Wild”. ( A great track!) And now we are making a video. The full album “Decibels from the Heart” is being released on May 12th, and is produced by Matt Walker.


A moment!

Thank you Shirley Manson! It was fun sharing the music!

My Parenti Pal

My bandmate Rich Parenti and I performing “Heroes” at Metro. Hmmm…. Do we look deep in thought, or what? 

Pablove Charity show with SOTSA

Last night in Milwaukee we shared the stage with the enigmatic Shirley Manson. All for a cause. Pablove helps kids with Cancer. A diagnosis that touches too many. Some much needed funds were raised! 

The sensational Chicago based band Tami Show scored an unforgettable smash in the early 90′s called “The Truth”.  After going their separate ways, the group’s vocalist Claire Massey along with guitarist Tommy Gawenda formed their own band and continue to make music today. Check out the music page on for all their major label and independent record releases.