Happy St. Pat’s…More Than Half
by on January 1, 1970 in Uncategorized

Yes, the majority of blood running through my veins is of Irish lineage. My great great Grandfather at the age of 16 took the six week voyage across the Atlantic all on his own. The year was 1859. He left the life of some 12 generations of his family behind. His life in America was well worth the bold adventure. He made his Family proud. I know I am. Don’t you wish we could meet and get to know our past family? At any age we wished? Nothing would be more fascinating to me. Well, …..that and having the ability to rerun our night dreams on DVD when we wake up in the morning. The ones that we never want to forget. Anyway….. I feel lucky to be Irish. It has certainly brought me luck, love, and magic. And the gift of music.

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