The Reunion
by on January 1, 1970 in Music

Cath and I are traveling to Nashville soon to rehearse with our older sister Kristin. This is to prepare for our first singing performance in two decades. The three of us have each other to thank for any success we have captured in our individual careers. In the early days, our familial three part harmonies created quite a stir.  We haven’t lost that!  So here we go again.  I will thoroughly enjoy myself.  Lots of laughs.  Looking forward to creating our unique sound we were blessed to be born with.  Cath and I sure had fun at our acoustic gig last month, so triple the fun to have Kris in the mix.  Oh, my new songs are mixed and ready to be mastered. Now I just got to get to some Cd packaging, (pictures, design). Any suggestions?  It is ALWAYS fun to see the final package but such a see saw to get there. 

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